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Welcome to HERA!

HERA (Higher Education Research Association) was launched with the shared understanding of organizing academic association of higher education research, especially focusing on Asia Pacific region. Our main goals are first, to pursue academic development in the field of higher education both in theory and practice. Second, we hope to contribute to the development of higher education for future scholars. Third, we aim to train future scholars and provide them with publication opportunity to help them grow as independent scholars.

HERA’s first conference was held in January 2014 with the strong supports from Research Institute for Higher Education (RIHE), in Hiroshima University. Our second conference, with the theme of ‘Governance and Academic Culture in Asia-Pacific Higher Education’ was held in Seoul National University in October 15-17, 2014. There were over 30 renowned scholars from US, Germany, Japan, China, Hong Kong (SAR), Taiwan, Malaysia and Korea who shared their research ideas and progress with their international peers. HERA currently hosts two regular conferences a year, and with the outcome from our conference, we are preparing to publish our research works both in international journal and book publication.

We welcome researchers and scholars who have research interest in the field of higher education and we hope that through our association, members can share and develop their research, expand their networks, and collaborate for their research and teaching.

For more details about HERA, please download HERA_Overview