The 1st HERA Conference (2014)

General Information

  • Theme: Building Research Universities: Balancing Quality and Quantity in the Asian Pacific Region
  • Date: 26 January, 2014
  • Venue: Hiroshima Garden Place, Hiroshima University, Japan

Invited Presentations

  • Prof. Akira Arimoto(Kurashiki Sakuyo University): “Declining Symptom of Academic Productivity in the Japanese Research-University Sector”
  • Prof. Futao Huang(Hiroshima University): “Changes in the Academy of Japan’s Research Universities: 1992-2011”
  • Prof. Akiyoshi Yonezawa(Nagoya University): “World-Class Research and Education in a Matured Economy: Challenge of Research Universities in Japan”
  • Prof. Jung Cheol Shin(Seoul National University): “Research Collaboration across Disciplines in a Research Focused Korean University”
  • Prof. Dianfu Chang(Tamkang University): “The Way of Balancing Quantity and Quality to Build Research Universities in Taiwan”
  • Prof. Wanhua Ma(Peking University): “Multiple Approaches to Internationalizing Chinese Higher Education”
  • Prof. Gerard Postiglione(The University of Hong Kong): “Balancing Quantity and Quality in Hong Kong Higher Education: Having it Both Ways?”
  • Prof. Simon Marginson(IoE, University of London): “State, Socialism and the Transformation of Higher Education Systems: A Comparison of China and Russia”
  • Prof. Ahmad Nurulazam MD. ZAIN(University of Sains Malaysia): “Challenges of Research Universities in Malaysia”

Conference Special Issue

Higher Education (Volume 70, issue 2, August 2015)

Editors: Gerard A. Postiglione & Akira Arimoto