The 4th HERA Conference (2016)

General Information

  • Theme: Equity, Employability, and Mobility
  • Date: 27-28 May, 2016
  • Venue: University of Hong Kong/Lingnan University (Hong Kong, SAR)

Conference Themes

  • World-Class University in Asia
  • Governance of Global Excellence Initiatives
  • Mobility of Academics and Students
  • Access and Equity
  • Employment
  • Learning and Curriculum

Keynote Speakers

  • Ulrich Teichler: The Professional Relevance of Study on the Way towards a Highly Educated Society
  • Kai-ming Cheng: Do We Know What We Are Facing? : Higher Education in a Changed Society
  • Akira Arimoto: The Possibility of Institutionalization of Active Learning in the Japanese Universities and Colleges

Conference Special Issue

International Journal of Chinese Education (Volume 5, Issue 2, December 2016)

Editors: Ulrich Teichler & Jisun Jung