Conference Policy

Hosting Annual Conferences

The annual conference will be hosted by an individual university or in collaboration with other universities in Summer or Fall. The host university is responsible for organizing its own Local Organizing Committee, comprising five to nine members, to address major issues related to the conference in collaboration with the Steering Committee.

The Local Organizing Committee or a representative from the host university must submit their plan for the annual conference, including the conference theme, date, venue, keynote speakers, and conference registration fees (if applicable), before the specified deadline.

The final decision regarding the conference details will be made by the Steering Committee, which will subsequently announce the schedule to members and participants of the conference.

Conference Organization

Once the conference venue is decided, the Local Organization Committee will issue a “call for papers” to HERA members no later than three months after the previous conference. Final lists of presentations will be determined after external reviews ahead of the annual conference.

Based on the presentation lists selected, the Local Organizing Committee may add additional sessions aligned with their areas of interest and finalize the program three months before the conference.

The conference program includes keynote speeches, scholarly presentations, poster presentations, professional development workshops, seminars, meetings with journal editors, membership gatherings, and more. The format of the conference will be determined by the Local Organizing Committee in collaboration with the Steering Committee.

After the Local Organizing Committee finalizes the conference program, the Steering Committee will announce the schedule to members, scholars, and researchers who may be interested in attending. Furthermore, the host university is encouraged to promote the conference through its networks.