Organizational Responses to Assessment-based Funding Policy

Japan, Korea, Taiwan, & Malaysia

This project investigates how universities in East Asia, where the state exerts significant influence over higher education, respond to assessment-based funding policies. The study draws on two primary sources of data: financial records and interviews with senior managers and individual faculty members. The first phase of the project examines institutional responses to the funding policy, while the second phase explores the financial impact of the ‘assessment-based’ funding policy on individual universities in each participating country.

Studies in Higher Education (Volume 48, Issue 3)

J. C. Shin, Sophia Shi-Huei Ho, Robin Jung-Cheng Chen, & Jin-Kwon Lee

Studies in Higher Education (Volume 45, 2020 – Issue 10)

J. C. Shin, Satoshi P. Watanabe, Robin Jung-Cheng Chen, Sophia Shi-Huei Ho, & Jin-Kwon Lee