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HERA 2020 Conference

Practical Information

Visas, etc.

All participants should have their own valid passport, visa, and other entry formalities prepared before coming to the Republic of Korea (South Korea). Since foreign nationals from many countries are required to obtain a visa in order to enter Korea, please check in advance to see if you are from one of those countries. We recommend that participants contact the nearest Korean Embassy or Consulate for the necessary requirements and procedures. Please contact to, if the letter of invitation (or acceptance) for the conference is required in obtaining the relevant visa.
(For further information:

Weather and Attire

Korea is Spring in May. Daily temperatures varies from 11°C-16°C to 20°C-25°C, rarely falling below 7°C or exceeding 29°C. You can visit the English website of the Korea Meteorological Administration ( for real-time weather updates if needed.

Exchange Rate

The unit of Korean currency is Won (원). As of December 2018, the approximate exchange rate is USD 1 = KRW 1180.0 (subject to change daily). There are many banks and currency exchange counters located at the Incheon International Airport and near the conference venue. ATMs are also available at various locations.

Internet Access

Incheon International Airport, Hoam Faculty House, and Seoul National University provide internet access either via WIFI or a wired connection if your device allows. Please request the WIFI pin code or technical support to establish a connection if needed.

Contact Information

* Email:
* Website: