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HERA Governance

HERA’s decision making body is HERA Steering Committee that consisted of eight key founding members in Asia-Pacific region. Although HERA’s membership opens to higher education researchers all over the world, its major targeting members are from Asia-Pacific region. The term for Steering Committee members is five years and the replacement of committee members is committee’s decision. Steering Committee member who join in the mid of the previous member’s term will be five years from the point that the new member join the committee.

The Steering Committee is responsible for electing HERA President for the first President (both President and Vice-President in 2019) and Secretary General to lead and support administration and membership management. In addition, the Steering Committee is responsible for making major decisions such as conference organization, membership, organizing sub-committees, and other critical issues. Steering Committee meeting will be regularly held ahead of annual conference. Steering Committee meeting is not open to all the members, but its major decisions will be announced to all the members at the end of the annual conference and Steering Committee is responsible for incorporating ideas and suggestions from members.

Prof. Akira Arimoto is representing HERA’s Steering Committee as the leader of the Steering Committee (‘Interim President’ in other association) and Prof. JC Shin is working for the committee to support the committee (‘Interim Secretary General’ in other association) until Steering Committee elect President and Secretary General in 2019. The Steering Committee will elect President, Vice-President, and Secretary General before the HERA’s 2019 Conference. The term for President is two years similar to other academic association and Vice-President will take over the leadership roles for next two-years. The term for Secretary General is three years for continuous administrative supports.

HERA Steering Committee:

Akira Arimoto, Hyogo University, Japan
Dian-Fu Chang, Tamkang University, Taiwan
Futao Huang, Hiroshima University, Japan
Wanhua Ma, Peking University, China
Simon Marginson, Oxford University, United Kingdom
Hazri Jamil, Universiti of Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
Gerard A. Postiglione, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Jung Cheol Shin, Seoul National University, Korea