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Membership and Fees

HERA welcomes any scholars, researchers and graduate students who have special interest in the field of higher education research. Especially, we encourage graduate students to join HERA and exchange their research ideas, joint publications, expanding their research networks.

HERA’s Steering Committee reviews application in a yearly basis and final confirmation on membership will be informed after the evaluation on your application.

If you are interested in joining HERA, please click JOIN button below and submit membership application.



Membership Fees and Conference Registration Fees

HERA will charge annual membership in a few years according to Steering Committee’s decision. The membership fees might depend on economic situation of the countries that members are affiliated with. However, HERA will waive membership fees a few years until HERA has enough numbers of memberships.

However, HERA Local Organization Committee might charge Conference Registration Fees to participants in consultation with Steering Committee.