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Conference Policy

Annual conference will be hosted by individual university (or in collaboration with other universities) in fall. The host university is supposed to organize its own Local Organizing Committee consisting of five to nine members and decide its major issues related to the annual conference in collaboration with Steering Committee. The Local Organizing Committee or representative of the host university is expected to submit their plan for annual conference including conference theme, date, venue, keynote speakers, and conference registration fees (if the host organizer is planning to charge the fees) before the first dates of annual conference. The final decision will be made by the Steering Committee and the committee will announce the schedule to members and participants in the conference.


Once the proposal is accepted, HERA Steering Committee will send out “call for paper” to HERA members no later than three months after the previous conference and decide final lists of the presentations after external reviews no later than five months of ahead of the annual conference. Based on the presentation lists selected by the Steering Committee, the Local Organizing Committee will add specific sessions based on the Local Organizing Committee’s topics of interests and finalize the program three months ahead of the conference. After finalize the conference program, the Steering Committee will announce the conference programs to members, scholars and researchers who might be interested in the conference. In addition, the host university is encouraged to promote the conference through its own networks.


After the conference is successfully completed, the host university is expected to report the conference results including total numbers of participants, assessment of conference evaluation (Local Organizing Committee is encouraged to develop assessment indicator), recommendations for follow up conference, and budget uses (in the conference charges registration fees to participants).


The conference program is consisted of keynote speech, scholarly presentations, post presentations, workshops for professional development, seminars, meeting with journal editors, membership meetings, etc. Local Organizing Committee will decide the format of the conference in collaboration with the Steering Committee.