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Day: October 13, 2018

The 6th HERA conference (October 2018, Malaysia)

General information

  • Date: 9-10th October, 2018
  • Venue:  Le Méridien Putrajaya, Malaysia 

Conference Theme


  1. Considering Nationality and Tenure in The Academic Experiences and Aspirations of International Junior Faculty at Japanese Universities (Yangson Kim, Hiroshima University/ Christopher D. Hammond and Thomas Brotherhood, Institute of Education University College London, United Kingdom)
  2. Modern University’s Ideal and R-T-S Nexus (Akira Arimoto, Hyogo University, Japan)
  3. Strategies and Rationales of International Joint University: The case of Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT) (Miki Sugimura, Sophia University, Japan)
  4. Global Trend of The Overseas Foreign Student and Background Factor of The Trend (Tsukasa Dazien, Hiroshima University, Japan)
  5. Detecting Gender Parity Patterns in Humanity and STEM Programs under an Expanded Higher Education System (Dianfu Chang, Tamkang University, Taiwan)
  6. Performance or Engagement: The Issue of STEM Education in East Asia and the U.S. (Keiichiro Yoshinaga, Kanezawa University, Japan)
  7. Taiwan Higher Education Academics’ Community Engagement, Teaching Performance, and Research Outcome from APIKS Survey (Robin Jung-Cheng Chen, National Chengchi University, Taiwan/ Sophia Shi-Huei Ho, University of Taipei, Taiwan)



  • Topic: Institutional Responses to Assessment-Based Funding Policy in The North East Asian Higher Education Systems (Japan, South Korea, And Taiwan)
  • Facilitator: Jung Cheol Shin (Seoul National University, Korea)
  • Panellists: Satoshi P. Watanabe (Hiroshima University, Japan), Robin Jung-Cheng Chen (National Cheng-chi University, Taiwan), Sophia Shi-Huei Ho (University of Taipei, Taiwan), Jung Cheol Shin (Seoul National University, Korea), Ya-Han Hsu (National Cheng-chi University, Taiwan)

For more information, please download HERA_6th program

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