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The 2nd HERA conference (Seoul National University, Oct.2014)

General Information

  • Theme : Governance and Academic Culture in Asia-Pacific Higher Education
  • Date : 16-17, 2014 (PhD student workshop: Oct. 15)
  • Venue : Hoam Faculty House, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea
  • Keynote speaker: William Tierney(University of Southern California, Georg Krücken(INCHER, Germany)

The 2nd HERA conference looks at how higher education governance and academic culture has been changing under neo-liberal reforms. The conference provides a comprehensive picture of higher education governance in the region and its impacts on the academic culture as well as government initiatives for changing higher education governance. Specific discussions will be held under following issues:

(1) The policy designs that governments in the region have initiated to reform higher education governance
(2)  How the governance has changed with the corporatization of Asian universities
(3)  Whether the governance reforms lead to any change in academic culture
(4)  How the governance differs between public and private sectors

For more information on detailed program list, please download HERA_2nd Program_


Invited participants (in Alphabetical order)

Ahmad Nurulazam Md Zain  (Director, National Higher Education Research Institute (IPPTN), Malaysia)
Akira Arimoto   (Professor and Director, Kurashiki Sakuyo University, Japan)
Akiyoshi Yonezawa   (Associate Professor, Nagoya University, Japan)
Bruce Macfarlane (Professor, The University of Hong Kong)
Chuing Prudence Chou   (Professor, National Chengchi University, Taiwan)
Dian-fu Chang  (Professor, Tamgang University, Taiwan)
Futao Huang   (Professor, Hiroshima University, Japan)
Gerard A. Postiglione   (Professor, The University of Hong Kong)
Hideto Fukudome   (Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo, Japan)
Jinghuan Shi  (Professor, Tsinghua University)
Kazunori Shima (Associate Professor, Hiroshima University, Japan)
Keiichiro Yoshinaga (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
Martin Hayden   (Head, School of Education, Southern Cross University, Australia)
Molly Lee  (Professor Emeritus, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia)
Reiko Yamada   (Professor, Doshisha University, Japan)
Rui Yang (Professor, The University of Hong Kong, China)
Sheng-Ju Chan  (Professor, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan)
Tsukasa Daizen  (Professor, Hiroshima University Japan)
Xiao Guang Shi   (Professor, Peking University, China) 

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